Refund Policy & Terms

What to Expect

Once an order is received Ice Melt Milwaukee will reach out with an exact date and time the product should be received. At this point, Ice Melt Milwaukee will go over any specific instructions on how/where the product should be delivered. For any palletized product, the customer is responsible for having a machine with forks capable to unload.

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Refund/Cancelation Policy

All sales are final upon delivery of the product. If customers would like to cancel an order, they must do so within 24 hours of the initial transaction. If cancelation is made prior to the product being shipped there is no cancelation fee and a full refund will be issued to the card that was used. If the product has already shipped or is denied by the customer upon delivery there is a 20% restocking fee that will be applied and taken off of the funds that are being returned. Funds will be returned to the card used at the time of purchase within 7 business days. If the product is delivered to the customer in its entirety the product is non-refundable. The customer has full right to inspect the product at the storage facility prior to shipping.

Terms and Conditions

Once Ice Melt Milwaukee receives a purchase order we will have it delivered within 72 hours under normal conditions. If the product is not able to be delivered within 72 hours due to unsafe road conditions or other factors that can cause delays Ice Melt Milwaukee will reach out to the customer and work out a plan that works for both parties.

Upon delivery, if the area the product is supposed to be delivered in is unsafe or too tight, Ice Melt Milwaukee will contact the customer and figure out the next best spot to unload. These factors will be up to the delivery driver to make the decision if they feel it is safe or if they have enough room to make a successful delivery.

Ice Melt Milwaukee is not responsible for the product once it is delivered. How products are stored can impact how they work. All products should be stored out of elements to prevent product defects.

Ice Melt Milwaukee will not be liable for any personal or property damage due to how the products are used. Once they are delivered the customer is responsible for how they are used. See product descriptions for details.