Liquid Brine De-icer


Cut your salt usage down by as much as 75% by using our salt brine. Our salt brine is consistently made with a salinity level of 23.3% salt. Brine works instantly when applied. It also works great for pre-treating to prevent the bond of ice to the surface you are treating. Brine has a very light purple non-staining colorant added to make applications more visible/efficient. There are approx 180 gallons of brine per metric ton.

Available for pickup or delivery in 275-gallon totes or up to 4,125 gallons pumped directly into your truck or storage tank.

  • Cost-effective way to pre-treat and post-treat: Use 75% less salt!
  • Can pre-treat DAYS in advance and still be effective
  • Works instantly where rock salt takes time to break down before it even starts to work
  • Doesn’t track inside when applied to stairs/doorways


(Any loads delivered or picked up by 275-gallon totes will have a $100 deposit on each physical tote)

  • Pickup price- $0.37 per gallon
  • Price per 275-gallon tote- $101.75 + $100 tote deposit
  • Delivery available. Add to cart to see the total price with delivery